Freak Links!

Here for your perusal is the official TOP SECRET collection of NOF approved sites... Enjoy!

George Carlin
Ahh....what else do you want me to say about the greatest comic genius since....well, since eternity?

Adam Sandler's Home Page
I love this guy....can be tasteless and crass, so he's cool to me.

Clear-cut info on the best pub game in the universe.
What's cool about being a fucker, and more....

The Bathroom Wall
Scribble your graffiti here....and read others.

*Eye Candy* Hot House
Uhh....just take a look....I think it rules.

Reefer City
Hey man....don't bogart that joint! -- the online guide to drinking
Great tending advice, and how to get shit-faced 666 different ways.

ARTFLEX - Fine Art Nude Photograhpy
I found these photos to be great (and for you pervs this is not's art).

Polish Ninja Industries - NUTS!
Quite possibly one of the most warped sites on the net....find the story about the uncleaned kitchen (aacck!!).

The Bitter Truth
From someone as young as she is, this site is a bitter but funny personal look on life itself.

The WhoreCode v2.0
Find out what kind of whore you are, then post the code to might find an interesting friend.

Just Ask Jim! Free advice and more
Commentary and more from the first man to attempt to give birth live on the web.

Piercing Mildred
Great online game....pierce and tattoo your virtual being, and compete against others.

Go Ahead....MAKE YOUR DAY!!
Make your day by "killing" a famous irritating one I might add.

Tick's Dart Page
Just as cruel as Make Your Day....throw darts at an irritating famous person.

Imponderables - by David Feldman
This guy take those FUQs (frequently unanswered questions) and answers them....or at least tries to.

Strange But True

Louis Farrakhan African Name Generator
Great farcical piece of the web....find out what your African name is, if you don't have one already.

Choose this link if you are stupid...
You're not really gonna choose this link, are you?

Stick Figure Death Theater
Greatest thing since drawing them in elementary school.

Virtual Toke
Send someone you love a buzzz...

The Jihad To Destroy Barney The Purple Dinosaur
The kiddie antichrist... destroying him will save the human race.

Mr. Lou's Elastic Anti-Matter Voyage
Been abducted by aliens? Talk to Mr. Lou about it.

The Slighly Less Than Official Spork Homepage
Can't eat with those things... just laugh about them.

Dave's Web Of Lies
Can't lie correctly? Dave will teach you how.

And Now For Something Stupid
You've probably met some of these people before.

Bert Is Evil!
The truth about this guy! Definitely NOT for kids!

BigKid's Weird Sites
If y'all think the NOF is strange, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

King Koffey's world of warped music... You'll love it!

The Butthole Surfers
All hail the official band of the NOF!

The Crisp Packet Triangle Shrine
What the hell's a crisp packet? A cool site from the UK.

The Fine Art of Nosepicking
Disgusting, but funny. You make the call!

The Heathen World
Reports from the fringe... It's excellent mental stimuli!

Hell: The Official Site
Wholesome fun for everyone... Why don't you go to...

Kofiee Haus
Lotsa cool and FREAKY artwork!

Land O' Useless Facts
And they ain't kiddin', gang!

Mystical Smoking Head of 'Bob'
The NOF puts its trust in 'Bob'... and you should too.

Pants First, Then Shoes!
'Blinky' the Wonder Chicken likes us... visit him here!

The Straight Dope
This guy Cecil knows damn near everything.
Dr. Rex tells you everything you want to know!

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