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10-15-00: Ch-ch-ch-changes!!

The format for this site is three years old. And lemme tell ya I'm getting pretty tired of looking at it this way. So it's time for a cool change (yeah quoting an un-freaky band... but I don't care because it's a cool title). REVAMPING is what I'm talking about.

9-19-00: Am I REALLY getting settled??

Now FINALLY I am getting settled into a permanent domicile. We all need a little shelter, right?? (Sorry... I know I quoted the heavy metal band Cinderella, but I couldn't help it *hehehe*) I've finally found it *YAY*

6-28-00: Finally... some kind of update....

I have updated some things recently... the "sucks" stuff and my links. More will come ASAFP.

6-20-00: OK... we're trying now *hehehe*

Now I actually have done a good thing. I updated my email account, and changed the links for my website host to the right ones... therefore things do work right now... and stay tuned for some more good doo-doo.

6-3-00: HELL!! What the f**k happened to ME?!?!?

Well well well... I guess that some things just get in the way, like LIFE!! But we're back, better than ever. Wait and see... we got some new stuff for ya to gawk at (you pervs stop thinking porn, OK?) so stick around and stay tuned. We also got a brand new e-mail address, because the other one was so hard to access. As soon as it's activated, we'll update all of our links... have fun freakos!!

11-18-98: Got some weird stuff to look at now.

I got bored out of my head one day and just started looking at freaky weird animated graphics, so I decided to share my favorites with all you freaks out there. Hope you enjoy them.

8-12-98: Questions, queries and posers.

Ya know I have had some sit-down raps with some buddies of mine and we always get wacky and ask the same questions over and over. So I decided to see if any of you fellow freaks have had the same thoughts and questions that I have... take a look.

6-21-98: ....and after an extended hiatus...

HEY!! We decided that we @ the NOF needed more room, so we opened a new domain... neato huh? Now instead of the small island nation that we are, we will become a superpower and, well as Brain says: "Try to take over the world!!"

3-30-98: Where the hell was I?!?!?

Well I'll tell ya something... life just gets in the way sometimes. I can't seem to avoid it no matter how hard I try to. But I am back in my own domain again (HA HA HA HA!!!) and I just updated my cool and suck lists... so enjoy until next time loyal followers!!

11-5-97: We went to school... we can count...

You know, we just had to add a really good counter... the old one we had was old and rusty and just couldn't keep up with the masses coming in. That and we just didn't have enough fingers and toes to count all you guys...

10-25-97: Another change?

Some more news from the fringe... I changed my mailing address, just to separate the web mail from my personal. And my sound isn't working correctly, but I'm working on that, too. So just deal with it, guys!

8-2-97: A minor change?

A little bit o' bad news, gang... Due to the inabilty of our (former) Top Ten writer to consistently come up with a FREAKY enough list each week for this site, we got rid of 'em! So, our Top Ten is now a Top Five. Be assured, however, that as always, your submissions are always welcome. Fnord.

7-30-97: NOF's First Award!

The NOF homepage has received its very first award! *YEAH!* "Blinky" the Wonder Chicken has bestowed the "Smelly Chicken Wedgie Pickers Seal of Approval" upon this site... hey, it may not be much, but we'll take all we can get!

7-6-97: We've got sound, baby!

In case you haven't noticed, we slapped some cool MIDI's on the pages. We at the NOF take pride in giving you simultaneous AUDIO and VISUAL stimuli to kill more of your brain cells... Enjoy!

6-21-97: NOF Homepage hits the 'Net!

The official Nation of Freaks website is now up and running! *YEAH!* Today the WWW, tomorrow the world! HAHAHA!

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